Day 1
June 4, 2024

Focused Ultrasound In Intensive Care – Heart Haemodynamics (FUSIC HD)

Introduces more enhanced ultrasound uses for critical care, beyond the FUSIC Heart curriculum.

  • Evaluation of stroke volume
  • Evaluation of the proximal aorta
  • Evaluation of the valves
  • Looking for regional wall motion abnormality
  • Features of raised atrial pressure
  • Features of raised right ventricular failure and pulmonary artery pressure
  • Features of cardiac tamponade
  • Looking for venous congestion

All courses include topics:

  • An introduction/review to physics of ultrasound
  • Good governance and how to progress after the course.

* FUSIC accreditation applied for

Marcus Peck
Marcus Peck
Consultant in Intensive Care & Anaesthetics

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Day 1
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