Day 2
June 5, 2024

An Introduction to Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks

An introduction to regional anaesthetic and analgesic techniques for clinicians working in an acute setting and for any beginner. Uniquely focused on procedures which will be useful both in the theatre environment, but also in the emergency setting. Clinicians from all acute specialities are welcome.

  • Sonoanatomy for regional anaesthesia
  • Basic principles of safe regional anaesthesia
  • In-plane needle technique
  • How to numb an upper limb
  • How to numb a lower limb
  • Thoracic and abdominal analgesia
  • What to inject and how much
  • Consider the future of regional anaesthesia outside of theatre

All courses include topics:

  • An introduction/review to physics of ultrasound
  • Good governance and how to progress after the course.
Jono Womack
Jono Womack
Consultant in Anaesthetics

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