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Bob Jarman . . .

Twitter - @bob_jarman

Interests - Electronic music making

Nick name - Bob

Random fact about you - I have a wood-fired pizza in my back garden that I built

Claire Heslop . . .

Twitter - @RogueClaire

Interests - Running very long distances, climbing very tall mountains and drinking very large beers

Nick name - Wonderwoman

Random fact about you - Was once kidnapped and held for ransom in the jungle by a communist terrorist group... whilst on honeymoon.

Favourite food - Always happy about avocados+toast

Favourite superhero - Antihero? Harley Quinn

Dream car - My zebra print fixed-gear bicycle will suffice


Ahmed Al-Jabri . . .

Details coming soon

Ahmed Al-Jabri .jpg

Gerard O’Connor . . .

Twitter - @drgeroconnor

Interests - Rugby, Critical Care

Nick name - Ger

Favourite food - Spaghetti Carbonara

Favourite film/tv show - Madame Secretary

Favourite sporting team - Munster Rugby

Favourite superhero - Batman

Dream car - Bentley Continental GT

Gerard O'Connor.jpg

Hein Lamprecht . . .

Coming soon

Meehar Shah . . .

Coming soon


Michael Lambert . . .

Twitter - @MJZLambo

Interests - Global Enthusiast, ER Doctor, Ultrasound Zealot, Oenophile, Fly Fishing, Wrestling, Lacrosse, and Hockey Fan

Nick name - Lambo

Random fact about you - I Love Heights

Favourite food - Lamb Chops

Favourite TV show - Homeland

Favouirte superhero - Batman, I like cool gadgets

Dream car - Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Mick Sweeney . . .

Twitter - @pounderexpress

Interests - Work: POCUS, Geriatric EM, Quality Improvement. Real life: Travel. Poultry, Books

Random fact about you - My immediate family was born in six different countries (Scotland, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, USA, and Australia!)

Favourite food: Spanish

Favourite film/TV show - Battlestar Galactica

Favourite sporting team: Clyde FC

Favourite superhero - Mighty Mouse

Dream car - DeLorean DMC-12


Mohamed Alshamsi . . .

Twitter - @malshamsi_md

Interests - Travel / Hiking

Favourite food - Tom Yum Thai Soup

Favourite film/TV show - Avatar / Mentalist

Favourite sporting team - Oman

Dream car - Mini-Cooper

Florence Dupriez . . .

Interests - Ultrasound, social contacts and travel

Nick name - Floflo

Random fact about you - I have a great capactity to listen to random facts about others!

Favourite food - As long as it tastes good, almost anything except raw meat!

Favorite film/tv show - Freaky Friday

Favourite superhero - Catmwoman

Dream car - VW Transporter


Joe Wood . . .

Interests - Travel, golf, literature, adventure

Nick name - Woodstock

Random fact about you - Team doctor Chicago White Sox major league baseball team, doctor/lawyer, won $1 mil verdict in recent trial, Perkins Pancake House employee of the Month April, 1969

Favorite food - Lobster

Favourite film/TV show - Film: “Dead Solid Perfect” TV show: “House of Cards”

Favourite sporting team - Chicago White Sox

Favourite superhero - Batman

Dream car - 1964 red Mustang

Larry Melniker . . .

Twitter - @lmelniker105

Interests - Baseball, cricket, maps and tennis

Nick name - Larry

Random fact about you - Epidemiologist, MBA

Favourite food - Cheese

Favourite film - Casablanca

Favourite sporting team - NY Mets

Favourite superhero - Thor

Dream car - Lamborghini


Matt Reed . . .

Twitter - @mattreed73

Interests - Running, cricket, beer

Nick name - Dr Love

Random fact about you - Am I allowed 2?! I once supported Baby G ‘Let me be your fantasy’ in concert, and I once lost consciousness for 5 minutes while skydiving.

Favorite food - Curry

Favourite film/TV show - Homeland

Favourite sporting team - Tottenham Hotspur

Favourite superhero - ‘Gru’ from Despicable Me

Dream car - Anything that is better than my Nissan Micra

Matthew Dawson . . .

Twitter- @ultrasoundpod

Interests - Mushrooms

Nick name - Matt

Random fact about you - I hold the world record for most pencils in the nose at one time.

Favorite food - Whatever Rip’s cooking

Favourite sporting team - Liverpool Red Devils… Is that right?

Favourite superhero - Bob Jarman

Dream car - Tesla Model X with P100D Ludicrous mode


Vicki Noble . . .

Twitter - @nobleultrasound

Interests - Ultrasound, travel, good food and drinks

Nick name - Dr. Bob Jarmon calls me Kitten. He is the only one.

Random fact about you - I speak Chinese

Favorite food - I eat anything – and love pork

Favourite film/TV show - I became a doctor because of Hawkeye Pierce in MASH!

Favourite sporting team - Anyone from Boston and now Cleveland.

Favourite superhero - Wonder woman – her outfit is killer

Dream car - The ones that James Bond drives

Resa E Lewiss . . .

Twitter - @ultrasoundRES Interests - Design, leadership and education

Favorite food - Espresso


Meehar Shah . . .

Interests - Cycling

Nick name - Jurgen

Random fact about you - I like Sea Urchins

Favorite food - Sea Urchins

Favourite film/TV show - The Thick of it

Favourite superhero - Batman

Chris Yap . . .

Coming soon


Other speakers include

(details coming soon)

Philip Lawrenson - UK
Nick Smallwood - UK
Martin Dachsel - UK
Rip Gangahar - UK
Jim Connolly - UK
Tom Locker - UK
Tim Harris - UK
Simon Richards - UK
Nicola Drake - UK
Asoka Weerasinghe - UK
Jonny Gordon - UK
Mohit Arora - UK
Stuart Nuttall - UK
Malcolm Jones - UK
Zeki Atesli - UK
Paramjeet Deol - UK
Dan Strong - UK
Richard Cooper - UK
Alison McGuinness - UK
Debra Patten - UK
Lewis Gray - UK
Jonathan Shelton - UK
Craig Morris - UK
Conn Russell - UK
JonathanWomack - UK
Ben Goodman - UK

Karen Lambert - USA
Bea Hoffmann - USA
Justin Bowra - AUSTRALIA
Chris Muhr - SWEDEN
Martin Bergman - SWEDEN
Josefin Elzén - SWEDEN
Nils Petter Overland - NORWAY
Charlotte Skorpen - NORWAY
Victoria Vatsvåg - NORWAY
Canh Le Nygaard - NORWAY
Maxime Valois - CANADA
Bader Al Hamrashdi - OMAN
Konrad Borg - MALTA
Mick Sweeney  - IRELAND
Vicky Meighan - IRELAND